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Issue #5 Bitcoin Magazine Historic Covers

Issue #5 Bitcoin Magazine Historic Covers

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Bitcoin Magazine Historic Covers is a collection of 1/1 Madex Originals celebrating the history of Bitcoin and the Death of Bitcoin Magazine.

Issue #5

Upon purchase I will create a 1/1 art piece inspired by the Issue #5 cover. It will be roughly magazine ish size. I will also email you a jpeg of the art piece and a jpeg of the original magazine cover.

This is a better deal than the Bitcoin Magazine Auction because you will get a physical piece of art in real life AND! Via a Special Email, you will receive the same JPEG offered in the auction + a JPEG of the art piece.

I will track the True Ownership of these one unique copies of the JPEG in a spreadsheet (DLT). You can transfer ownership to anyone else by forwarding them the Special Email but make sure to cc me so I can update the spreadsheet.

Any freely created copies of the JPEG from the Special Email are considered invalid and should not be enjoyed by anyone.

Take this opportunity to finance a real artist, instead of rent seeking shitcoin scammers.

Contact me on twitter @SPACEBULL to negotiate ( no tire kickers ! ).

This product costs 10 bitcoin, FIAT price will be updated daily.

** If you're having issues with checkout, or for other payment arrangements, email me **

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