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"737906" 1/1 #MVDEX 1M SATS

"737906" 1/1 #MVDEX 1M SATS

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1/1 from MVDEX 2022.

11″ x 14″ Mixed Media on Wood Board.

Painted by hand.

Featuring the infamous Cold Card grasped in the jaws of a honey badger skull,

Other details a, spider - secret mining, a wagyu tomahawk steak, an Oil Derrick in homage to flare gas mining, the genesis block, an S9 miner and 4 Milkor MGL's

Accessible sealed Opendime containing 1,000,000 sats.

This is the first small Madex board containing 1 Million sats.

Block 7 3 7 9 0 6

Vires in Numeris 🔢⚔

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