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"727211" AP 1/1 #MVDEX 500K SATS

"727211" AP 1/1 #MVDEX 500K SATS

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Original 1/1 Artist Proof from MVDEX 2022.

12″ x 16″ Mixed Media on Wood Board, Varnish Seal.


First at this size. Includes d'Anconia copper coin

Prometheus brought fire to man, Satoshi brought bitcoin

bitcoin demands that you sell, not your weakness to men’s stupidity, but your talent to their reason; it demands that you buy, not the shoddiest they offer, but the best that your bitcoin can find. And when men live by trade—with reason, not force, as their final arbiter—it is the best product that wins, the best performance, the man of best judgment and highest ability—and the degree of a man’s productiveness is the degree of his reward.

Accessible sealed Opendime containing 500,000 Sats.
Block 7 2 7 2 1 1

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