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Madex Emissary Support

Madex Emissary Support

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Dear valued clients and followers,

As a dedicated artist, I have devoted my life to creating art and rare products that not only inspire and captivate but also educate and promote the powerful world of bitcoin. My art studio, with the invaluable help of my hardworking staff, has enabled me to share my passion and vision with collectors and enthusiasts from around the globe.

I consider myself fortunate to be at the beginning of an exciting artistic journey, one that has the potential to create a lasting legacy and bring significant value to those who invest in my work. As an early bitcoin artist and creative, my growing notoriety is a testament to the quality and uniqueness of the art I create. The trajectory of my career and brand promises a bright future, where the value of my art will only continue to appreciate.

However, the road to success is paved with challenges, and I humbly ask for your support in continuing my mission to create exceptional and rare pieces. By contributing just $6.15 USD per month, you can play a vital role in the growth and evolution of my artistic endeavors. This modest monthly sum will make an enormous difference in covering the expenses of running the studio, acquiring essential supplies, and allowing me to focus on what I do best: creating extraordinary art.

Your support is not only a generous investment in my art but also a crucial element in the ongoing success of my project. Together, we can propel the dream of hard money forward and ensure that the beauty and significance of bitcoin is immortalized in Madex creations. With your help, I can continue to send the "bitcoin signal" and make a lasting impact in the world of art and beyond.

Thank you for believing in my vision and for being a part of this incredible journey. Your support means the world to me and will undoubtedly contribute to the artistic legacy we are building together.

With gratitude,


Each month subscribed is an entry to win a Madex Art Piece.

At the end of every calendar year, 3 winners will be drawn.

1st. Madex Original 1/1 Art Piece
2nd. Madex Opendime Totem 1/1
3rd. Madex AP Giclée 1/1

After 1 year subscribed receive a Madex Emissary Badge along with other special perks.

Vires in Numeris 🔢⚔

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